Services Provided

Technology Assessment and Strategic Decision Support

K_10We perform quantitative modeling of processes and products, allowing decision makers to evaluate and track the economic value and business potential of new ventures and projects. Our modeling and assessment frameworks, supported by the best available software tools in the industry, find application in a variety of contexts, ranging from early technology assessment and product lifecycle analysis to opportunity assessments, valuation analysis, strategy development, and innovation management.

We work closely with our clients to identify the questions that are of highest relevance for the success of their products and processes, and assist them in finding and implementing strategies that allow them to optimally apply their resources.

Application areas include key industries in the high technology sector (see “Areas of Expertise“). A primary focus of Wing Tech’s work is in healthcare and medical technology (see “EMEDEAS“).

Cross-Border Business Development

D_4Our competence in technology and innovation management, along with our experience both in the United States and in Europe positions us well to assist clients in cross-border and trans-atlantic business development. We help our clients in targeting new international markets and in creating sustainable partnerships. Our specialties include strategic market analyses, investment project analysis, and partnering negotiations.