Areas of Expertise

ExpertiseWing Tech Inc.’s core competence is in systems analysis, strategic risk management, and more generally strategic decision support under uncertainty.

This core competence is leveraged by our knowledge of specific industries, markets, and domains of application, which makes us a preferred partner for our clients.


IndustriesWhile many of the tools and methods we use can be applied to a variety of contexts and technologies, we have particular domain-specific expertise in the following sectors:
- Medical Technology

- Healthcare

- Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

- Automotive

- Aerospace
For medical technology and healthcare projects, we use our proprietary EMEDEAS Early Medical Device Assessment Framework.



H_4Our client base ranges from start-up to Fortune 500 companies, and also includes investors, academic institutions, and government-funded research programs.

Sample projects have included development of a prioritization algorithm for a premium automotive manufacturer, strategic market and technology assessment for a new traffic control system for global use, support of product formulation and market entry activities for various medical technologies, and targeted assessment of therapy and translational opportunities for a leading research center active in regenerative medicine.